How to generate API key and secret?

  • Go to MyGuide admin panel https://admin.guideme.io/
  • Login using the org owner account. Click on the organisation name. Then click on the API and Services button.
  • Here you can view a list of existing API and Secret keys. 
  • To generate a new key, click on Generate Credentials.
  • Select one of the User Provisioning options; Anonymous or JIT.
  • Enter a Key Name. 
  • Select applications from the list. These applications will now be accessible to the users logged in using this org key and secret.

Undestanding Anonymous vs JIT

  • Select Anonymous if MyGuide should not know about logged in users. 
  • MyGuide will not know exactly how many distinct users have logged in.
  • User preferences will be saved in browser storage. Hence a notification marked as Do Not Show will reappear on another machine OR in a new profile on the same machine OR on re-login in the same profile. 
  • Select JIT, if MyGuide should know logged in user email and name. 
  • MyGuide will exactly know distinct user logins. 
  • User preferences will also be saved permanently like notifications marked as do not show.

Last Updated: 2020-08-21 10:50am. (GMT)